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AP Photo: Ariel Schalit AP Photo: Ariel Schalit

Zombies and Zombie Slayers Tie the Knot


Sometimes, wedding trends are established by the nuptial choices of celebrities, superstar athletes, and other famous figures. So it’s possible that these two celebrations, each with a connection to AMC’s popular series The Walking Dead, may impact wedding trends this season.

Last July, when NFL player DeAngelo Williams tied the knot with his long-time love Risalyn Burzynski at The Peabody, an elegant, stately hotel in Memphis, he wanted to celebrate in zombie style. So he hired professional artists to make over the wedding party, including the bride and her maids. In a video posted by ESPN, he shared that this was a chance for a truly memorable occasion that would go beyond the traditional, and forgettable, ceremony. “It’s a time for us to fellowship, and it’s a time for us to laugh and point fingers at each other and say, ‘Ha, you look goofy!’” Beyond the fun factor, Williams says that the event was a “dream come true. It is unbelievable!” he said. “What makes it even more magical is that not only did I become a walker, but I became a husband.” That’s sweet, as were the couple’s flowers, which included round, compact masses of white and pink roses along with some additional roses tinted blue to match the wedding party’s attire.

In contrast, Steven Yeun, who played Glenn on The Walking Dead until his character was killed off in grisly fashion last year, wed in a more traditional ceremony at The Paramour Estate in Los Angeles. The flowers were organic, loosely mixed gatherings made, at least in part, using blossoms “foraged from the surrounding hills,” florist Amanda Luu told staff at Martha Stewart Weddings. These items probably included casters, flannel flowers, and wild carrots. The bouquets also featured garden roses and eucalyptus while the handsome boutonnieres were made of eucalyptus, cypress, acacia, and birch.

It’s tough to say if any of the elements of these two dramatically different nuptials will influence this year’s brides, but if you’re planning a wedding and love The Walking Dead, as so many apparently do, let us know if you decide to go zombie or to forage for flowers. We’d love to see your Walking-inspired celebrations.