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Eco-inspired “Raw” Whites for Every Space and Occasion

For 2016, Benjamin Moore selected Simply White as its color of the year, and of the 22 colors in its Color Trends 2016 palette, more than one-third were in the white family. Clearly, the paint company believed consumers were ready to embrace a range of alabaster hues.

Now, more than a year later, whites continue to captivate, but consumer preferences have transitioned to a more organic palette. Rather than crisp and brilliant, which could feel a bit clinical, whites have become what some have described as “raw”—chalky and muted and great on textured surfaces.

The “raw” white range of hues is what is found in nature—from clouds, snow, and unpolished geologic formations to fibers, foliages, and textural blossoms. So it’s no surprise that consumers have once again returned to these calming colors to enrich their homes, wardrobes, and special occasions.

A selection of all-white flowers to accent clean interiors can be updated to “raw” status by incorporating more textural choices. Mix expected stems, such as white lilies, roses, orchids, callas, tulips, and Hydrangeas, with stems of soft cotton, sparkling crystals, birch branches, and dried Cecropia leaves