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Feeling Depressed About Canceled Flower Events? Relax, They’re Only A Click Away

Enter the virtual gathering: one of the most popular COVID-inspired business trends to emerge from the pandemic this past year. As most professionals have made drastic adjustments to their routines, especially regarding in-person events, florists are no exception here. And some are taking advantage of virtual technology to remain relevant to their audiences.

From Zoom to Google Hangouts, video conferencing technologies allow people to convene easily without the risks of personal contact. Flower pros and enthusiastic creatives are hosting virtual gatherings, including pre-recorded (or live) demonstrations and workshops, to connect and inspire.

The videos to follow feature our favorite innovators with their DIY tutorials, masterclasses and new takes on old-fashioned (yet virtual) flower fun. So sit back, relax, click and explore our top picks—and relieve some of the anxiety you may have been experiencing from missing all those flower events.


Julie Khuuowner and principal of Julie Khuu Interior Design in Orange County, California—believes that high design can be achieved with any budget. With over 16 years of industry experience, Julie conceptualizes and curates glamorous residential and commercial interiors that are affordable, yet luxurious.

PRETTY IN PINK, with Derek Woodruff

Traverse City’s award-winning designer, Derek Woodruff, has been lending his design prowess to many areas of the floral industry since the tender age of 16. A captivating speaker, Derek specializes in the modern consumer, connecting and engaging with viewers through demonstrations and subscription services for his two businesses: Floral Underground and Derek the Bartender.


Deeply influenced by eastern and western cultures, Donald Yim has a unique approach to floral designs and aesthetics. Aside from his work with Smithers-Oasis and the Floriology Institute of Jacksonville, you can catch Donald on YouTube, where he shares his ongoing floral journey and design tutorials with captivated audiences worldwide.

CUT FROM THE LANDSCAPE, with Charlie Groppetti

For Charlie's second application using magnolia leaves as a simple and natural armature, click and watch the video below.

The essence of Charlie Groppetti’s style is vintage-inspired botanical designs. In addition to his decades-worth of experience in the floral industry, Charlie is also known for his contributions to the home furnishings and accessories industry. Nowadays, Charlie spends his time developing the Porch View Home brand, for which flowers continue to inspire the line’s upcoming products and collections.

DIY SPRING WEDDING ARCH, with Caroline Eells

Founder and lead designer of Ohio-based Passiflora Studio, Caroline Eells lives and creates in the gateway to Appalachia, where her work celebrates the area’s natural beauty and her love of sculpture and visual art. Through Passiflora, Caroline immerses herself in the art of flowers, taking joy in continuously stretching her talents and design vision.

Still itching for more content? We've got you covered. If you find yourself with some free time—and if you'd like to drop in on some charmingly-unrehearsed flower chats—check out two of our choice Instagram live collaborations with Full Bloom alumn, Beth O'Reilly, and New Jersey's designer extraordinaire, TJ McGrath.