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Freshly-Picked Flower Arrangements to Inspire Your Autumn

Oh the joys of autumn—a time to reflect, recharge and revel in the abundance of fall. As the weather begins to cool and nature’s vibrant hues shift to earthier tones, flowers and foliage help celebrate the invigorating colors and textures of the season.

Here, acclaimed floral designers from around the world share their unique takes on fall arrangements. From traditional favorites to more contemporary trends, these statement-worthy designs inspire creativity for the season and beyond.



Florals in neutral tones with gold accents enliven an autumnal tablescape. Delicate Jewels of Opar branches distinguish the classic spread.

Styling and Photography: Ashley Fox, Ashley Fox Designs | Place Settings and Flatware: CB2

Botanicals: 'Platinum Blonde' Dahlias | 'Cafe Au Lait' Dahlias | 'Darcy' Dahlias | 'Miss Amara' Dahlias | 'Bracken Sarah' Dahlias | 'Maarn' Dahlias | 'Stephen Rulo' garden roses | 'Golden Celebration' garden roses | Jewels of Opar | cottonwood leaves | yellow poplar leaves​



When in doubt, go traditional. The vibrant oranges, warm browns and deep greens from 'Hercules' Dahlias, Zinnias, Rudbeckias, and seasonal foliage are the epitome of the autumn color palette. Styled on an antique-gold urn, these show-stopping blooms are perfect.

Styling: TJ McGrath | Photography: Fine and Fleurie | Venue: Jardin de Buis | Mechanics: Accent Decor, Inc. and Floral Genius

Botanicals: foraged ninebark | Viburnum | sugar maple leaves | Nandina berries | knotweed | Dinner Plate 'Hercules' Dahlias | Rudbeckias | Zinnias | Gomphrena | Peegee Hydrangea | 'Patience' (Auspastor) garden roses



An autumnal tangle of rose hips, strawflowers, medlar fruits, hedgerow leaves and wild honeysuckle vines make up this striking arrangement. The natural movement created by the flowers and foliage celebrates the beauty of abandoned nature.

Styling and Photography: Lucy Slater, Johnny Crows Garden

Botanicals: rose hips | strawflowers | medlar fruits | bryony berries | wild honeysuckle vines



This earthy table setting features only locally-sourced materials, including Dahlias, Anemones, Queen Anne’s lace, ninebark, grasses and other foraged bits. Adding locally grown elements can lend a regionality to the setting.

Styling and Photography: Marc Sardi

Botanicals: lisianthus | Dahlias | Japanese Anemones | Rudbeckias | Chasmanthium grasses | cherry tomatoes | ninebark | foraged heart-leaved Asters, Queen Anne’s lace and bittersweet nightshade

Props: foraged lichens, Ruffed Grouse feathers, mushrooms and pine cones | locally grown pears, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin



It’s all about texture in this sublime, free-flowing arrangement. Chrysanthemums, Amaranthus, Solidago, Scabiosa, Eryngium, green Hypericum and dried ornamental grasses pair beautifully to create a scene of intense dimensionality and diversity.

Styling: Talmage McLaurin | Photography: Jeanne Canto

Botanicals: 'Monte Doro' Solidago | 'Alpinum' Eryngium | 'Blackberry' Scabiosa | bronze Amaranthus | purple Trachelium | 'Candela' daisies | 'Harley Red' daisies | brown Leucadendron | green Hypericum | 'Claret' Astrantia | red cremons | ornamental grasses​



Ball Dahlias, cockscomb flowers, wild rose hips, pampas grass, fall ferns and oak leaves set the scene in this elegant, autumnal display. Scattered pumpkins and gourds balance the spray of flowers with a grounded, duel-level design.

Styling and Photography: Angela Hall, Flower Lane Design

Botanicals: 'Jowey Mirella' Dahlias | 'Jowey Winnie' Dahlias | 'Camano Buz' Dahlias | 'Brown Sugar' Dahlias | 'Koko Puff' Dahlias | 'Rock Run Ashley' Dahlias | 'Jomanda' Dahlias | yellow Celosia | rose hips | pampas grass | fall ferns | oak leaves | pumpkins | gourds



Bundles of stems in bright yellows, oranges and greens are perfectly on-theme for fall. And when artfully arranged in mismatched glass containers, they make for a modern alternative to more traditional floral centerpieces.

Styling: Paul Miller | Photography: Jeanne Canto

Botanicals: 'Sunbright' sunflowers | 'Olivia' mini Gerberas | yellow Craspedia | 'Ciroco' spider mums | 'Grenade Orange' Carthamus | 'Rossano Orange' cremons | orange marigolds | 'Volcano' daisies | 'Morgan' cremons | 'Monte Doro' Solidago | 'Queen of Africa' Queen Anne’s lace | ornamental foliage



By incorporating fresh and dried florals—such as roses, Rudbeckias, strawflowers, Amaranthus, Ageratum, and others—in an asymmetrical composition, this robust design offers depth and great visual interest. An added dimension of texture also emerges from the contrasting fresh and dried materials.

Styling and Photography: Rachel Goodwin, The Petal Girl

Botanicals: Rudbeckias | strawflowers | Bracken | blackberries | rose hips | dried roses | Allium seed heads | teasels | Clematis seed heads | dried Amaranthus | dried Ageratum | dried grasses​



For a whimsical twist to modern-day fall designs, mix cool colors—such as lavenders and greens—with warmer tones, like reds, terracottas and browns. Handfuls of 'Love Song' and 'Hot Cocoa' garden roses, combined with chocolate Queen Anne’s lace and Cosmos, form an airy, deconstructed feeling to this seasonal tablescape.

Styling and Photography: Megan Gray, Honey & Poppies | Dinnerware: Casa de Perrin

Botanicals: ‘Love Song’ garden roses | ‘Hot Cocoa’ garden roses | chocolate Queen Anne’s lace | chocolate yarrow | chocolate Cosmos​



The age-old adage is true: fortune favors the bold. By pairing warm greens with more intensely hued flowers, this lively display using an assortment of roses, Hydrangea, Mokara orchids and other foliage gives the ultimate taste of fall. The juxtaposition between the arrangement’s colors and textures offers sensational contrast.

Styling and Photography: Dr. Delphinium Designs & Events

Botanicals: 'Iguana' roses | 'Blueberry' roses | 'Shimmer' roses | 'Deep Purple' roses | shocking purple Hydrangea | purple Mokara orchids | fall foliage​



This voluminous bouquet using 'Edith' (Auspluto) roses, pink Hypericum and 'Labyrinth' Dahlias brings autumn’s cozy, coral-pink tones into stunning focus. Its warmth and charm are ideal for decorating small, intimate soirées or constructing show-stopping bridal creations.

Styling and Photography: Janne Ford for David Austin

Botanicals: 'Edith' (Auspluto) roses | pink Hypericum | Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora | 'Labyrinth' Dahlias | 'Love and Wishes' Salvia | grapevine foliage​



If you prefer a livelier aesthetic for the season, select flowers in saturated tones that mimic the vigor of autumn sunsets. Here, cardoon leaves blend effortlessly with jewel-toned ball Dahlias and other blooms, adding rich color and a strong sense of movement to this hand-tied bouquet.

Styling and Photography: Heather Henson, Boreal Blooms

Botanicals: ball Dahlias | Ranunculus | snapdragons | stock | Zinnias | foxgloves | Thalictrum | cardoon leaves

Props: plant-dyed silk ribbon by Lorna Jackson, Ninebark Farm



We can all agree that fall just wouldn’t be complete without some dazzling Dahlias. Showcased alongside mini pumpkins and seasonal foliage, these 'Rip City', 'Koko Puff' and 'Gitts Crazy' Dahlias are the standout protagonists.

Styling and Photography: Starlie Squires, Blooms and Branches

Botanicals: 'Rip City' Dahlias | 'Koko Puff' Dahlias | 'Gitts Crazy' Dahlias | chocolate cosmos | 'Madame Butterfly' snapdragons | love in a puff vines | Scabiosa pods | Golden Raintree leaves​



Bronze and burgundy tones are the main attractions of this countryside table setting. For a more rustic approach to fall florals, pair bleached Amaranthus, Ruscus and Eucalyptus with fresh Chrysanthemums, Ranunculus and roses in moody colors. Here, an elevated plant stand also makes a lofty statement—with minimal effort.

Styling: Holly Smith, Holly Diana Floral | Photography: Mark Williams Studio | Table Settings: Accent Decor, Inc. | Venue: Turnpike Creek Farms | Floral Partners: Mayesh Wholesale Florist and Rosaprima

Botanicals: bleached Amaranthus | 'Red Spike' Amaranthus | bleached Ruscus | bleached Eucalyptus | bleached thistle | Anthurium | palm pods | 'Red Spike' Amaranthus | brassy yellow spider mums | burgundy spider mums | Celosia cristata | dried Lunaria | apricot blend Ranunculus | carnations | 'Shimmer' roses | 'Mother of Pearl' roses​