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HBO’s 'Full Bloom' Offers a Rowdy Ride Through the World of Competitive Floristry

Full Bloom, HBO Max’s latest installation of a competitive reality show, brings together 10 of America’s top budding designers in the ultimate floral showdown. By giving flowers a worldwide stage, the series appeals to floral enthusiasts everywhere, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the often stressful—yet wonderfully creative—world of floristry.

In the course of eight episodes, the contestants’ skills are pushed beyond their limits in over-the-top solo and team challenges. These challenges force the designers to take risks while showcasing their talents refined over years of experience. After hours and hours of arduous work, viewers are left in awe over the resulting, never-before-seen displays of floral art. Watching Full Bloom especially shines light on the incredible amount of expertise, precision and passion required to create a botanical masterpiece

And with these high stakes comes the highest reward. Each episode, one designer who wilts under the pressure is sent home, crowning the last one left standing as Full Bloom’s first ever champion and winner of the $100,000 grand prize. Among the judges (and show mentors) assessing the contestants’ displays include legendary floral designers Maurice Harris and Elizabeth Cronin, along with celebrity florist, Simon Lycett.

Beyond getting hooked on the contestants’ personal sagas, epic florals and frivolous fun, viewers even learn valuable tips-and-tricks to the trade. Ending on a high note, the flowers used during each episode are also donated to deserving recipients, from hospital workers to local charities, sharing the joy and beauty of flowers.

Watch Full Bloom on HBO Max, streaming now.