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Just in Time for Autumn's Equinox, Consider These Expert Compositions by Some of Our Favorite Floral Artists

What better way to welcome the decorating projects that lie ahead than with a curated list of the season's best? From traditional recipes to more contemporary looks, we've gathered a selection of our favorite compositions. Read on for inspiration and ideas to jump start your fall fascinations.

AUTUMNAL GRACE. No rule says that fall palettes can’t be dreamy and soft. Here, voluminous disbuds and gently lavender roses pair effortlessly with ball Dahlias, strawflowers and seasonally hued foliage to pay tribute to autumn’s more mellow shades.

Styling and Photo: Anna Potter of Swallows & Damsons | View more of Anna's work in her book, "The Flower Fix"

GOURDS N' ROSES. Peach 'Shimmer' roses and warm-toned Chrysanthemums are the uncontested stars of this fall centerpiece. Dried botanicals in deep, earthy shades add to the depth and richness, whereas fresh fruits help keep the overall mood crisp and pert.

Styling and Photo: TJ McGrath of TJ McGrath Design

A POP OF PASTEL. Inspired by early autumn textures and colors, sunset-hued Rudbeckias, Dahlias, chocolate lace flowers and dried ferns convey the oh-so-familiar comforts we anticipate for fall decorations. Yet it’s the subtle pop of lavender that draws the eye and offers unexpected color in a season where fiery and earth tones reign.

A Word from the Designer: "I love the richness of Autumn colour. I'm quite looking forward to Autumn and think it's possibly my favourite season…especially now that I've mentally drawn a line through our grey, mildly depressing London Summer."

Styling and Photo: Leigh Chappell of Leigh Chappell Flowers

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED​. Invigorating colors meet rich texture in this modern take on traditional fall. The wildflower-like movement of the Veronica stems and Clematis foliage offer a unique—and rather unconventional—backdrop to complement the rest of the blooms in this antique basket arrangement.

A Word from the Designer: "Autumn is hands-down my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it. Maybe that’s why I love experimenting with unexpected combinations and color harmonies. For this antique basket, its oxblood tones dictate the color direction while the juxtaposition of dried garden roses and dried Nigella against freshly cut Veronicas, Astrantias and Clematis foliage reference the seasonal story of life, death and renewal."

Styling: Talmage McLaurin | Photo: Maxine Helfman

BLUSH AND BASHFUL. Soft shades of pink coupled with calming neutrals set a romantic scene for fall. Artfully arranged in a weathered urn, layers of garden roses, Chrysanthemums, Ranunculus and other blossoms capture the spirit of a brisk autumn afternoon in the country.

Styling and Photo: Lucy Hunter of The Flower Hunter | View more of Lucy's work in her book, "The Flower Hunter: Seasonal flowers inspired by nature and gathered from the garden"

GARDEN GATHERINGS. Fall compositions wouldn't be complete without something foraged from the garden. This robust thicket of botanicals features a medley of Dahlias, Zinnias, chocolate Cosmos, Queen Anne's lace and raspberry leaves—all locally-grown by the designer. An added dimension of complex texture also emerges from the contrasting tangle of fresh and dry materials.

Styling and Photo: Kreetta Järvenpää of Kreetta Järvenpää Photography

PICK OF THE PATCH. This dual-toned centerpiece is an ode to the season’s bountiful harvest. Classically autumnal Dahlias in bittersweet and cream shades play leading roles, while scattered berries, vines and locally-sourced pumpkins serve as co-stars to balance the outburst of blooms above.

A Word from the Designer: "This arrangement was created with materials from my garden in Montreal and from a local squash grower. It features dahlias, 'Edith's Darling' roses, wild grape and potato vine."

Styling and Photo: Marc Sardi of Marc Sardi Design Floral

SIMPLY AUTUMN. Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Often regarded as a humble filler, these freeform Asters make a compelling, mass statement with minimal effort. The use of an informal container and homespun table decor also enhances the setting's countryside aesthetic, making the look transition from late summer to early fall with ease.

Styling and Photo: Janne Ford of Janne Ford Floral Photography

LAVENDER SUNSET. Assorted lavender and lilac hues take center stage as on-trend colors this fall. There are no limits to creativity, so don't be afraid to look beyond conventional palettes when crafting floral recipes that are still seasonally appropriate.

A Word from the Designer: "The softer hues of seasonal garden flowers shine in early Autumn with dried grasses and seedheads, Daucus, larkspur, smokebush and sunflowers."

Styling and Photo: Janne Ford of Janne Ford Floral Photography

SEASONAL STUNNER. The luscious blooms of 'Alloiuse Salmon' mums radiate a welcome dose of coral color in a time when most shades begin to fade. Dynamic tiers of fresh and dry foliage further supplement the color scheme and serve as the finishing touch to this bewitching fall centerpiece.

A Word from the Designer: "Because really, what's not to love about Chrysanthemums? Especially ones that look like this. When the Dahlias are all done and dusted and a distant memory, there's all this gorgeousness to enjoy...and have I ever mentioned their scent? It's delicious and always makes me think 'autumn.'"

Styling and Photo: Kim of Pig Pen Flowers

NATURE'S PALETTE. A color blocked jubilee of nature's iconic jewel tones sets the ambience for vibrant fall soirées. This dual-level design features a ceramic urn brimming with Dahlias, Zinnias and other seasonal favorites. Adding to the contrasting shapes and textures are strawflowers, sunflower discs and miscellaneous gourds, which have been capriciously scattered across the tablescape.

Styling: Liz Mobbs of The Southwold Flower Co.

RUSTIC CHARM. A sumptuous gathering of sunflowers, Limonium, Hydrangea and other dried botanicals brings the season's warm, gently-aged colors and textures into stunning focus. Convening the elements that are quintessentially "fall," this earthy display celebrates the beauty of rustic imperfection in both nature and craft.

A Word from the Designer: "When your doglet walks past your photo shoot and you realize they match perfectly..."

Styling: Liz Mobbs of The Southwold Flower Co.

PEACHY KEEN. Brisk oranges accented by peach, green and violet shades are the standout protagonists of this fall-inspired color story. With an exotic touch from orchids and Asiatic lilies, this lush assortment of blooms is an autumnal feast for the eyes—with all the trimmings.

Styling: Paul Miller | Photo: Jeannes Canto

FORAGED FINDS. In lieu of a traditional vase of stems, consider a collection of foraged bits and bobs from the garden or backyard. A vintage-style shadow box is the ideal vessel for a seasonal potpourri of mostly decorative (and some edible) botanicals, including acorns, figs, almonds, olives, lemon, pomegranates, red leaves from the grapevine, blackberry shrubs and many others.

Styling and Photo: Kriss MacDonald of Wild About Here