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Flattering Imitation Blossoms with Adult-Friendly DIY Botanicals from LEGO

As flowers and plants continue to take over living spaces (and social media feeds) in our post-pandemic world, an era of DIY floristry has emerged among those seeking to escape from the hectic of everyday life. Mindful of these purchasing trends, the LEGO Group has released a range of models to satisfy international flower fans who want to (literally) build their own bouquets at home.

While many people search for green spaces to destress and relax, creatives of all ages (yes, even adults) can bring a touch of nature into their home and unwind as they create and personalize their botanical builds. As an added bonus, LEGO plants may not need to be watered to stay fresh, but they do subliminally reinforce fresh flower consumption.

The LEGO® Botanical Collection includes a 756-piece LEGO® Flower Bouquet (among other sets), which features a colorful combination of iconic flower types such as snapdragons, roses, poppies, asters and daisies. Once assembled, the life-size flowers and foliage can be arranged or customized as the builder sees fit; the stems (and other elements) are completely adjustable, so it's easy to tailor an arrangement to suit any container or perennial project.

Beyond the longevity and campy novelty of this collection, consumers can appreciate the sustainable efforts behind every LEGO flower. Several elements in the collection are made from plant-based plastic materials, produced using sustainably-sourced sugarcane.

Shop LEGO's botanical collection on, LEGO stores and other retailers worldwide.