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Lookbook 2023: Kicking-Off Our Second Lookbook Series, GREENSPACE Finds the Symbiosis Between the Urban and Natural Worlds

This week, begins its second edition of our lookbook series, a six-part feature that spotlights floral trends we see emerging for 2023 and beyond. While trend reports—which usually serve as simple style directives to validate products or services—have become ubiquitous, our lookbook of options goes a step further. It embraces collective design disciplines to find colors, flowers and moods that reflect the current fascinations, aspirations, lifestyles and play styles of floral professionals, enthusiasts and consumers.

Each week for the next six weeks, we will present unique color stories and floral combinations—illustrated with original images and specific color palettes—to provide a springboard for your inspiration to commence; because our concept of "trend" is personal, dynamic and reflective of the times. Considering the impact that the pandemic has had on our culture, consumption and our aesthetic viewpoints, these trends embrace flowers for the comfort they give, the joy they bring, the creativity they stimulate, the nostalgia they rouse and the connectivity to nature they encourage.

First in the lineup is GREENSPACE, a trend that pays homage to nature—an emblem of regrowth and resiliency. As we emerge with post-COVID perspectives, many are seeking to live closer to home. For city dwellers, the objective is finding a way to keep their urban space while realizing more connectivity to nature, which continues to be a source of solace and hope for many.

Initiatives to expand green space by building parks and public gardens has become many a city planner's game plan to curtail the threat of urban exodus. Reflecting this quest, GREENSPACE embodies new verdant plantings, while highlighting a vivifying burst of colorful blossoms, as it looks to find the symbiosis between urban and natural environments.

Author: Talmage McLaurin, AIFD, creative consultant at Sunshine Bouquet Company and Esmeralda Farms, comes from a career in publishing during which he contributed to more than 300 issues of Florists' Review and Super Floral magazines and was featured in 20 books while serving as the creative director and subsequent publisher for Florists' Review Enterprises.

As a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers since 1988, Talmage has made eight educational presentations at the organization's National Symposiums. In 2008, Talmage received the "AIFD Award of Distinguished Service to the Floral Industry." In 2003, Talmage commissioned the "American Floral Trends Forecast." First presented as a live program at AIFD's National symposium, Talmage served on the development committee for subsequent editions. In 2010, Florists' Review acquired the project, and Talmage produced the forecasts until 2013.

Consultant: Leatrice Eiseman is Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute and founder of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training, where her work includes color consulting for industry and forecasting. She is the author of ten books on color and presents color seminars internationally. Lee contributes to a color forecast for professionals, Pantone View Home, on a yearly basis and contributes to the Pantone View Color Planner twice yearly.

Seasonally, she contributes to Pantone's Fashion Color Report and the selection of Pantone's Color of the Year. She is a member of Fashion Group International, Industrial Design Society of America, an associate member of American Society of Interior Designers and a founding member of The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and the American Film Institute. Among several of her awards, both The New York Times and Fortune magazine have featured her as one of the top decision-makers for her work in color.