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Pantone’s Greenery Growing on Consumers

Each year, after Pantone announces its “color of the year” selection, the newly crowned hue begins popping up everywhere. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the color will be an instant hit with consumers; some colors take a little time to catch on.

That hasn’t been the case with Greenery though, Pantone’s 2017 selection, which is already growing on shoppers. Described as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade,” Greenery is a hue that’s abundant in nature but is often lacking in today’s living spaces. Of course, that’s nothing that some natural additions, such as grassy spheres, verdant blossoms, and chic jar terrariums, can’t easily remedy—with no worries that Greenery will clash with current décor or color palettes. Instead, according to Viewpoint Colour, a new trend forecast publication that recently explored Greenery, it’s a harmonizing hue that works “as a single statement …, as a bold accent …, or as a pop of colour ….”

The trend book also indicates that Greenery is suitable for beauty products as well, providing a “chic, confident punch of colour for hair, lips, eyes, and nails.” While Greenery is certainly versatile and modern and has had no trouble with acceptance, it’s hard to imagine hair and lips in this organic hue catching on with consumers–well, those above a certain age anyway.