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Celebrity Florist Phil John Perry Uses Flower Power to Manifest Orlebar Brown's Whimsical World of "Wild Garden"

Welcome to Wild Garden, Orlebar Brown's latest swim and resort wear collection for Summer 2021. Inspired by scenic gardens in Tuscany and Southern France, the collection an ode to nature that celebrates floral abundance at its finest—and most extravagant.

The luxury menswear brand's classic silhouettes make ideal canvases for Wild Garden's vintage-style flower prints, which have been splashed across tailored swim trunks, organic cotton shirts and other poolside apparel. And who better to bring these illustrations to (actual) life than UK-based celebrity florist, Phil John Perry.

Phil, who specializes in bespoke design and creative direction, is best known for his wearable flower art. You may already be familiar with one of his most acclaimed pieces, a warrior-esque headdress worn by Beyoncé for Vogue's September 2018 cover. Having taken the flower and fashion industries by storm, Phil continues to dish out unforgettable floral adornments for world-renowned publications and style icons.

Resonating with Phil's affinity for "otherworldly" beauty, Orlebar Brown aptly sought his design expertise and creative direction for a Wild Garden collaboration. Guided by nature, Phil took the richness and vivacity behind the collection's botanical motifs to create several floral headdresses and accessories used in the launch. The result? A dramatic sensory experience that not only plays with structure and scale, but also transports viewers away from the ordinary to a self-imagined "wild garden."

In an interview with Orlebar Brown, Phil recounts, "I chose the flowers based on the colours in the prints...I want people to think 'I haven't seen this before. Who are these creatures?' I wanted to create something that looked like it had grown on the models. Like if they had sat down in a garden for too long, the flowers and plants would have taken them over."