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Vogue Points to Floral Textiles for Fall, We Love the Images from Helsinki

With fall officially on the horizon, many are turning to a timeless fashion trend to help usher in the change of season. Enter the floral print—but with a modern twist. From the runways of New York and Paris to Milan, luxury fashion houses and contemporary brands alike have added an autumnal touch to the botanical motifs showcased in their Fall/Winter 2021 collections.

These prints, which feature palettes in moody jewel tones and earthy hues, are a nod to the traditional colors and textures of the fall harvest. They are also slightly more understated than their spring/summer counterparts, straying further away from cluttered patterns and loud colors. Ultimately, the look is nostalgic, yet new.

In a recent article in Vogue magazine—the world's "unofficial" authority on all things fashion—fall florals were listed as the "go-to print of the season," stating, "Though we know and love bright, punchy, flowery prints as the hero pattern of spring and summer, fall-hued florals are sure to become equally as popular this season. These slightly darker, more muted versions will not only complement your existing wardrobe, but will make your fashion transition from summer to fall that much easier."

This autumn, expect to see a slew of cozy apparel and accessories with fall-inspired floral prints. Here, color is key; rich reds and burgundys, chocolate browns, warm yellows and burnt oranges will be painted across unique combinations of flora to convey familial comforts with a hint of romance. Fall prints for 2021 will also emphasize quirky accents, such as sporadically-placed flowers (typically one or two types in the same size) on outerwear, knits, dresses, handbags and jewelry. Designers have even embraced the immense versatility of floral textiles to incorporate other trendy aesthetics, like cottagecore, into their seasonal styling.

For fall 2021, draws inspiration from the works of Kreetta Järvenpää, a photographer and floral artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Her intricate designs in classic autumnal tones and textures effortlessly capture the mood of the season and the spirit of the fashion fall florals.

To stay connected with Kreetta and view more of her work, click on the links below.

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