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Flowers That Nearly Steal the Fashion Show

When Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons made his move to the Christian Dior firm, he relied on fellow Belgian and go-to floral designer Mark Colle to help him make his debut a spectacular success. According to Colle, who spoke to writers for “Dazed Digital,” Simons asked him to create “a garden feel; an homage to Christian Dior and his passion for flowers and for gardening. To shape a romantic feminine world.” View this video to see how Colle managed to fulfill that mission on a grand scale and why he described it as “exquisite mayhem.”

Since Simons’ Christian Dior debut, Colle has done many more spectacular floral spaces for the designer. In fact, Colle’s amazing work for the fashion industry led to the making of the floral fashion video, Holy Flowers. View that intriguing film here.