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Holy Flowers: A Floral Fashion Film by Pierre Debusschere

Pierre Debusschere, a visual artist from Belgium, was inspired to make this video after he attended a fashion show featuring work by fellow Belgian Raf Simons. At this event, floral designer Mark Colle created grand bouquets that coordinated with the couture clothing. Of course, Debusschere had to have Colle create the floral elements for Holy Flowers.

Colle, who owns Baltimore Bloemen, a flower shop in Antwerp, talked about the relationship between flowers and fashion with “Dazed Digital,” which featured photos from the film set. “They grow, they bloom, they fade. You can’t hold on to them forever,” he said. “Fashion is like that too, in a way. It comes, and it goes.”

Colle’s work has been featured in many European design shows, as has Debusschere’s. Colle is most well known, perhaps, for the amazing floral “rooms” created for designer Simons’ Christian Dior debut.