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Book Review: With His Botanical Performance Art, Lewis Miller Asks Us to Stop and Soak in the Glow of His Fantastical Flower Flashes

The "Botanical Bansky" of New York, Lewis Miller, gives readers an immersive look into the whimsical world of the "Flower Flash" with his book by the same name. In an effort to share his passion for flowers with all New Yorkers, Lewis created the first Flower Flash in 2016, a guerilla-style, street art installation made of the city's most bodacious blooms. What initially began as a simple act of goodwill has now transformed into an international sensation, attracting viewers from across the globe through social and other digital media.

THE BOOK. Since the first Flower Flash, more than 90 incredibly elaborate floral masterpieces have sprung up in unconventional locations across New York City, from trash cans and construction sites to hot dog stands and park statues. These installations are recalled in "Flower Flash," with pages showcasing behind-the-scenes photographs, fan contributions, and personal accounts of Lewis' most memorable Flashes. As his book illustrates, these lavish "flower bombs" have brought fleeting moments of delight and wonder to countless New Yorkers and flower lovers everywhere.

THE RECOMMENDATION. At its core, "Flower Flash" is a testimony to the emotional impact of flowers, and the undeniable power they have in affecting daily life. Beyond celebrating all the good that flowers have to offer, the Flashes share other unspoken messages, such as spreading generosity, celebrating nature, and uniting communities—especially during times of stress or adversity. Coupled with compelling imagery and poignant anecdotes, this visual diary is as inspirational as it is enjoyable for flower enthusiasts of all ages. It, quite literally, serves as a friendly reminder to "stop and smell the roses" and savor moments of natural beauty among the unexpected.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Acclaimed designer, author, and founder of the Flower Flash, Lewis Miller, was born and raised in California farm country. It was at this idyllic setting where Lewis' appreciation and passion for nature blossomed, later spurring him to pursue a full-time career in the botanical arts. After completing his studies in horticulture and landscape design, Lewis moved to New York, where he worked for one of the city's top floral boutiques. Never one to submit fully to the metropolitan experience, in 2002 he realized his vision of living a "country life" among the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple by launching his own company, Lewis Miller Design. Since then, Lewis and his team have created showstopping installations for clients—including prominent retailers, publications, and other renowned institutions—across the nation.

"Flower Flash" can be purchased via the following online retailers: Lewis Miller Design Store | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Flower Flash: Concept, Text and Styling: Lewis Miller | Photography: Irini Arakas Greenbaum | Editor: Jenny Florence | Design: Jeanette Abbink / Rational Beauty and Emily CM Anderson | Cover Photographs: Nina Westervelt | Publisher: The Monacelli Press​