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Book Review: Beyond Practical, "International Floral Art" Celebrates Flowers As a Medium For Masterful Art

The fantastical and incredibly complex world of floral design is on full display in the 2021-2022 edition of Stichting Kunstboek's "International Floral Art" anthology series. Now in its ninth edition, the book features an expertly curated selection of botanical creations by flower artisans from across the globe. By spotlighting the immensely rich variety and diversity in floristry, the series serves to inspire readers while proving that there is no limit to the bounds of human creativity.

THE BOOK. As with the other eight books in the bi-annual anthology, the 2021-2022 edition of "International Floral Art" documents the latest trends in contemporary floral design. Pages are packed with over 240 richly illustrated compositions from 130-plus featured designers (both experienced and up-and-coming), who push boundaries and amaze with their strong artistic vision, fine craftsmanship, unbridled imagination and extraordinary passion. Ultimately, these botanical masterpieces rise above conventional—or even practical—design standards to transport viewers to a world where nature and creativity reign.

THE RECOMMENDATION.  Any book from the "International Floral Art'' series is a must-have for those that appreciate the floral arts, regardless of skill level. Showcasing the latest and greatest in composition and technique, "International Floral Art" is, at heart, an ode to nature's diversity and a testimony to the endless design possibilities that can be achieved with flowers. And while not a step-by-step instructional manual in form, these picture-heavy books serve as a tool or resource to encourage and motivate flower fans in their own creative pursuits.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Dual author and Belgium-based publisher, Stichting Kunstboek, has created decades' worth of unique reading experiences by focusing on topics relevant to the visual and applied arts—from photography, architecture, and human interest to gastronomy and floral design. Led by CEO Jaak Van Damme, the Stichting Kunstboek team combines more than 30 years of experience to publish tailor-made books that are distributed to audiences worldwide.

Would you like to share your latest floral designs with the world? The "International Floral Art" series offers a unique way to do so. For more information on how to participate in the next edition of the book, please contact

"International Floral Art: 2021-2022" Stichting Kunstboek can be published in the U.S.A. via the following online retailers: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Stichting Kunstboek | Fleur Creatif | ACC Art Books

International Floral Art: 2021-2022: Concept: Jaak Van Damme | Final Editing: Karel Puype and Katrien Van Moerbeke | Layout: Group Van Damme | Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek BVBA