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Haute Handle

Haute Handle

Finish your bouquets with beautiful handles.


  • 20 ‘Rosita Vendela’ roses
  • 10 Ruscus
  • Waterproof  organza
  • Silver-headed corsage pins
  • Scissors and stem cutters

1. Arrange roses in one hand, adding enough that if forms a half circle shape.

2. Add ruscus leaves around the edge of the roses to make a leafy collar.

3. Secure the stems with a wrap of waterproof ribbon at the top of stems.

4. Knot a long length of ribbon at the top the stems, and tightly wrap the handle.

5. Knot the ribbon at the bottom, and tuck any remaining length under the wrap.

6. Push silver-tipped corsage pins into the ribbon to beautifully secure the handle.

Designed by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD