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Pumpkin Pot

Pumpkin Pot

Fall for these pumpkin inspired creations as you carve out a little fun for your Halloween celebration!


  • 1 Large pumpkin
  • 2 Bricks of flower foam
  • 1 Bunch of fall-colored spray chrysanthemums
  • 6 Leather ferns       
  • 5 Wooden picks
  • Kitchen knife and stem cutters

1. Cut the top off of a large pumpkin and clean out the fiber and seeds. 

2. Add bricks of flower foam that have been soaked in water and flower food.

3. Use wooden picks to position the pumpkin top, leaving a 3” opening.

4. Break the leather fern into smaller pieces, and insert into flower foam.

5. Trim the spray mums into individual stems and insert them into the foam.

6. Add larger disbud mums among the spray mums until the opening is full.

Designed by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD