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Esmeralda Farms Expands Its Floral Holdings With Sande Flowers Acquisition

Cut flower grower Esmeralda Farms is once again expanding its floral holdings. A few short months after acquiring Tecnoviv's Genviv breeding division in February, the Esmeralda Group has announced its plans to purchase Sande Flowers. This acquisition—which includes Sande's variety portfolio and its operations in Ecuador and the United States—will begin on June 1, 2022.

In leveraging Sande's assets, Esmeralda will expand its production capabilities and secure valuable inventories of calla, Oriental lily, and LA lily bulbs for seasons to come. The over 200 hectares of land gained in this acquisition will also allow for the increased production of in-demand Esmeralda varieties, while also supplying the space to broaden its various product lines.

ABOUT SANDE FLOWERS. Sande Flowers, a fourth-generation, Dutch-owned farm in Ecuador, is an industry leader renowned for its extensive calla, lily, and Ranunculus programs. Having popularized such names as 'Starfighter®' lily, 'Schwarzwalder®' calla, and 'Strauss®' calla, Sande also cultivates a wide array of the newest breeds of summer flowers.

ESMERALDA FARMS. Founded in 1972, Esmeralda Farms comprises nine flower farms spanning diverse growing regions in Ecuador and Colombia. State-of-the-art production and unyielding dedication elicit their global recognition for leadership, innovation, consistency and quality.

In 2013, Peter Ullrich announced his retirement as President and CEO of Esmeralda Farms. The marketing and distribution of the company's products would continue under the Connectaflor and Blawesomes brands until June 2020, when Sunshine Bouquet Company acquired the Esmeralda Group.

In February 2022, Esmeralda acquired Genviv breeding. With this acquisition, Esmeralda and its parent, Sunshine Bouquet, will gain Genviv's rich pool of genetics and proven R&D capabilities. A few months afterwards, Esmeralda announced its plans to acquire Sande Flowers. Sande’s high-quality variety portfolio makes a perfect complement to Esmeralda's current catalog, which will result in more superior offerings for the company's existing and new customers.

In Esmeralda's commitment to excellence and innovation, it is their goal to continue exceeding expectations by providing the finest selection of fresh-cut flowers in the market.

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