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Legacy Grower Esmeralda Farms Acquires Genviv Breeding

Returning to roots, Esmeralda Farms is back in the breeding business. The Esmeralda Group has acquired the proprietary varieties and all of the operations of Tecnoviv's award-winning breeding division—Genviv—in both Ecuador and the United States.

Specializing in Gypsophila, roses and other summer flowers, Genviv is a leader in the floriculture breeding sector. It possesses a portfolio of over 100 commercial varieties, including some of the most recognized (and beloved) varieties in the floral market: Overtime® Gypsophila, Victoria® series rice flower, Mardi Gras® Asters, Playa Blanca® and Checkmate® roses, Brilliant Stars® series spray roses, Attraction® series Hypericum, Activa® series Limonium, and many more.

ABOUT GENVIV. From its inception in 1999 under founder Peter Ullrich, Genviv (formerly Esmeralda Breeding) is devoted to creating, developing and researching the cultivation of ornamental varieties. Genviv's laboratory and experimental areas are located in Ecuador, and the company offers growers worldwide royalties of its patented varieties. 

Celebrated in the industry for its excellence in breeding and biotechnology, Genviv varieties are carefully selected to ensure they meet stringent aesthetic and agronomic requirements (based on productivity, disease tolerance, vase life and others) for the industry's most discerning clientele. Combining traditional practices with advanced technologies, the company tests thousands of crosses each year. The seedlings produced undergo a strict process of evaluation in testing sites located in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Africa, Europe and Asia.

ESMERALDA FARMS. Founded in 1972, Esmeralda Farms comprises nine flower farms spanning diverse growing regions in Ecuador and Colombia. State-of-the-art production and unyielding dedication elicit their global recognition for leadership, innovation, consistency and quality.

In 2013, founder Peter Ullrich announced his retirement as President and CEO of Esmeralda Farms. The marketing and distribution of the company's products would continue under the Connectaflor and Blawesomes brands until June 2020, when Sunshine Bouquet Company acquired the Esmeralda Group.

In February 2022, Esmeralda acquired Genviv. With this acquisition, Esmeralda Farms and its parent, Sunshine Bouquet, will gain Genviv's rich pool of genetics and proven R&D capabilities. It is their goal to better serve the global cut flower market by continuing Genviv's legacy of relentless innovation.

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