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Flower Council of Holland’s "We Need More Flowers" Campaign Celebrates Flower Power in Its Truest, Most Raw Form

Never underestimate the power of flowers. Looking beyond their ornamental uses, they help us communicate, impact relationships, stimulate wellness, the list goes on and on. Recognizing these benefits and more, the Flower Council of Holland's "We Need More Flowers" campaign series was created to celebrate flowers and remind us why we need them—a lot more of them.

First launched in 2018, "We Need More Flowers" is a visual ode highlighting the incredible roles, from the inconsequential to the momentous, that flowers play in our lives. Because of their positive effects on people, the campaign reinforces the notion that we should always surround ourselves with beautiful blooms. The 2021 installation of the series carries these same sentiments, showcasing flowers in raw moments of joy, creativity, love and togetherness that make life meaningful.

Done in partnership with Funny How Flowers Do That, the 2021 international campaign officially launches in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands on May 10th, and in France on May 30th. Follow along on social media using the hashtag #weneedmoreflowers for more updates.