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Flowers With a Message: Floral Industry Unites to Spread Hope Amid COVID-19

There’s no doubting the pandemic’s devastating impacts on the floral industry; we’ve already covered the essential facts here. In spite of the challenges, floral businesses have banded together to shed light on current events and deliver powerful messages with flowers.

Using a floral sculpture showcasing over 200,000 stems of different varieties, the 'Let Hope Bloom' campaign by the Flower Council of Holland has visually reminded the world that flowers are the ultimate expressions of love, friendship, joy, and of course, hope. The massive production, which took a team of 20 two days to assemble, was done in the Netherlands—home to the world's largest flower auction. The campaign’s encouraging messages about the health benefits of flowers have gone viral on social media, proving that a regained appreciation for “flower power” is blooming among floral enthusiasts everywhere.