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Paper leaves

Leaves of Paper

Add recycled fun for your bouquets.


  • 2 Orange lilies
  • 3 Orange roses
  • 2 Orange spray roses
  • 2 ‘Safari Sunset’ Leucodendrons
  • 4 Orange carnations
  • 3 Yellow Solidasters
  • 2 ‘Green Trick’ Dianthus
  • 2  Brown Hypericums
  • 2 Mini Hydrangeas
  • 3 Salal foliage
  • Salvaged book pages
  • Spray adhesive
  • Split wood basket
  • Floral foam

1. Coat the front side of salal leaves  and coat with an adhesive spray paint.

2. Allow the adhesive to set-up for about 30 seconds until it becomes tacky.

3. Press the glue-covered side of the leaves onto the salvaged book pages.

4. Neatly cut out the leaf shape at the point were the paper extends the leaf.

5. Fill a basket with a plastic liner and floral foam. Arrange flowers.

6. Add paper leaves among the blooms so that the text is displayed prominently.

Designed by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD